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Types Of Photography


Photographs are our way of capturing the world as we see it. It’s a medium of expressing our inner thoughts and holding onto memories close to our heart. Photographs show how we define beauty, love, emotions and people around us. Looking at a photograph is like peeping into the photographer’s soul.

While it is something we all pursue out of passion and with an artistic point of view, the level of growth and knowledge this field offers you is astounding as well. The depth of knowledge you wish to gain depends on your willpower. As someone who has set out to explore the world of photography, it’s important to equip yourself with knowledge of different types of photography before you go for the chosen one.

Types of Photography:

Food Photography:

Foods aren’t only things we consume in order to keep being alive; they also bring joy in our eyes and peace to our heart. Even few years back, this discussion about food photography would’ve been unlikely. But now the world has slowly started seeing it as an art form as delicious food can be a primary motivator for many people. The starting can be a little bumpy because here you have an all-in-one role as chef, photographer and decorator. But once you strike the balance, it becomes all about playing with food and giving a whirl on your creative spin.

Product Photography

It’s impossible to survive in the world of e-commerce without product photographs. No description, no matter how accurate and intricate, can come miles near to a complete photo of the products that highlights all its features. According to a study by Big Commerce, around 22% of all sales will be conducted through e-commerce by 2023. As consumer taste shifts from offline to online, one of the core mediums of communication between seller and buyer now is product photographs. People think of physical stores to be more reliable as the quality, look-and-feel of the product is better understood by having it in front of their own eyes. You have to make up for such advantages of a physical store through high quality product photos that zoom in on every perks as well as quarks the product has and help better image its use in their life.

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Cloth Photography

According to a research by IBIS World, the global market size for clothing industry is around $825.7 billion in 2021. We often make generalizations about people based on their appearance and clothing plays a big role in it. Clothes are a huge part of self-expression. People like to dress uniquely and show their beliefs or supports through the clothes they wear. This is why, someone working in a corporate organization wears formal suits in their work setting and Goth enthusiasts focus more on wearing black dresses with a gothic makeup. Cloth photographs are normally taken for professional purposes by e-commerce businesses. You can go for flat lay photography as easier and affordable solution. You can work with mannequins or real life models as well to give more shapes to the photos and make them look more attractive.

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